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An Interactive and Inspiring Bible Study for
Single Women

Whether you are a church, campus ministry, or an organization that serves women, developing a program for single women that caters to unmarried or engaged women, single mothers, divorced women, and widows can be an enormous challenge. Thankfully, IDCL - a 10-week program - is here to provide a solution...a solution based on the devotional book The Man You Need to Marry.

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Imagine one program that...

  • is anchored in the Word of God and reinforced by a plethora of relevant facts

  • introduces seven different women of the Bible and examines their encounters with Jesus

  • provides a close study of the relational and loving nature of Jesus

  • is relevant to adult women of all ages

  • presents several solid illustrations of covenant love

  • reviews the responsibilities of wives and husbands in marriage

  • encourages single women to reflect and self-assess their readiness for a godly marriage

  • addresses the health conditions, sketchy pasts, emotional demons, new/immature faiths, sexually sinful lifestyles, unusual attractions, and debts that cause major insecurities in relationships

  • teaches single women that they deserve covenant love and that God has anointed a man to love them as they deserve to be loved

  • fosters deep, sincere, and honest group discussions

  • engages women in fun and interactive group activities

  • builds women up in the love and mercy of God

  • can easily be facilitated in person or online

No need to imagine it.
It's a reality with IDCL!

Letters from the Author


Share Christ, enhance your ministry curriculum, and tend one of the most underserved groups in your church.

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Share Christ and help protect the physical and mental health of your female university students in their dating relationships.

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Share Christ and the hope of meaningful, fulfilling, and healthy relationships with the single women you serve.

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