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Quiz: Are You An Insecure Leader?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Insecurity can significantly impact leaders and their organizations in several ways. Insecure leaders may struggle with decision-making, which can lead to delays, missed opportunities, or wrong decisions. Additionally, they may resort to micromanaging, controlling behaviors, or bullying to assert their authority or maintain control. This can create a toxic work environment, lower employee morale, and increase turnover rates. Insecure leaders may also struggle with trusting their team members, delegating tasks, and collaborating, which can hinder productivity and limit growth. For these reasons, it is important to identify whether you are an insecure leader. Here is a short quiz to help!

Answer the following questions with "Yes" or "No" to determine if you exhibit signs of insecure leadership.

  1. Do you struggle to delegate tasks to your team members?

  2. Do you become defensive when receiving feedback or criticism?

  3. Do you find it difficult to trust your team members to complete tasks correctly?

  4. Do you seek constant validation and praise for your work and accomplishments?

  5. Do you take credit for your team's successes instead of acknowledging their contributions?

  6. Do you micromanage your team's tasks?

  7. Do you avoid admitting your mistakes or shortcomings?

  8. Do you often compare yourself to your peers or colleagues?

  9. Do you feel threatened by your team members' successes?

  10. Do you struggle to handle constructive criticism or feedback from your team members?

Scoring: Give yourself one point for every "Yes" answer.


  • 0-3 points: Congratulations, you're likely not an insecure leader!

  • 4-7 points: You may exhibit some signs of insecure leadership. It's important to reflect on your behavior and take steps to build your confidence and trust in your team members.

  • 8-10 points: You exhibit several signs of insecure leadership. It's crucial to address these behaviors to prevent negative impacts on your team and the organization. Seek feedback and support to develop your confidence and trust in your team members.

Lead My Heart offers comprehensive executive coaching programs that can help executives overcome insecurities and build their confidence. Our programs are designed to cater to the unique needs of executives and help them address the challenges they face in their roles. Our executive coach will work with them to build a sense of self-awareness, provide constructive feedback, and offer support and guidance to help them develop their leadership skills. By investing in our executive coaching programs, executives can gain the tools they need to become more confident and effective leaders in their organizations.

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