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Embracing Our Spiritual Essence: The Heart-Centered Path to Leadership

“Before our physical existence, we were spiritual beings, intricately connected to God.” Dr. Wanita Mercer, the visionary behind Lead My Heart, delves into the profound concept of spiritual beings in her enlightening series, “The Anatomy of a Heart Leader.” In the inaugural episode, she beautifully unveils the interconnectedness of our heart, brain, and eyes, painting a vivid picture of our spiritual essence as leaders.

Awaken your Heart Leader Within: Heart, Brain, and Eyes in Harmony

In this enlightening discourse, we explore the essence of being a spiritual being and what it means to be a leader of spiritual beings -- a heart leader. A heart leader is a person who is committed to leading others and themselves according to God's divine will. In the first episode, Dr. Mercer discusses how heart leaders utilize their heart, brain, and eyes to forge connections within themselves and with those around them. We are all created in the image of God, each bestowed with unique gifts and talents, primed to lead with intention and purity of heart.

Understanding our physical and spiritual anatomy is pivotal. Physically, it guides us towards optimal well-being, while spiritually, it empowers us to manifest our divine purpose. God has already equipped us with the capacity to conquer any challenge. As spiritual beings, comprehending our identity and nurturing our bodies are paramount to becoming our best selves.

The Heart as the Powerhouse

In the inaugural episode, we uncover the heart’s significance as the hardest working muscle- the powerhouse of our spirit. Whatever endeavor we embark upon, our whole heart must be invested. The condition of our hearts significantly impacts us and those in our sphere; hence, safeguarding our hearts and leading with intention is imperative. Our actions emanate from the heart, transmitting messages to our brains and subsequently to our bodies.

The Brain as the Enforcer

With the brain, leaders strategize and derive plans for a course of action. Therefore, a transformed mindset is fundamental to effective leadership. A transformative mindset begins with a clear understanding of one's purpose as a leader. Heart leaders recognize that their calling is not merely about achieving personal success but about serving a higher purpose. This clarity enables them to align their actions with their divine calling, which is at the core of spiritual leadership. Thus, the brain enforces purpose-driven leadership.

Eyes as Divine Lenses

Our eyes are another vital component, transmitting essential information to the brain. They enable us to perceive the vision that God has laid before us. God provides the vision, and our duty is to capture it and share it in a way that benefits others, inspiring them to make it their own. As spiritual beings, we must lead ourselves in this sacred manner, remembering our divine origin and our unique calling.

We are divine reflections of God, and understanding our identity and purpose is the first step toward impactful leadership. To delve deeper into the essence of being a spiritual being and cultivating intentional leadership from the heart, subscribe to LMH on YouTube. Here, you will find this enlightening derives, along with an abundance of topics aimed at rekindling your leadership journey and steering your career toward success and fulfillment. Do not forget to like, share, and comment on your favorite episodes, as we embark on this transformative journey together.


Jocelyn Martinez is a senior Communication Arts major at University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. She is currently a copywriting intern for Lead My Heart.

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Oct 18, 2023

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