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The Powerful Professionals Series is a carefully-crafted course of career workshops to help you become who God created you to be in the workplace: a powerful professional. This series of five workshops/seminars are for employees of all levels and fields, and it will help to you understand your call and commission, the ministry of excellence, the need for spiritual leadership, how to prioritize change, and the steps to communicate effectively in the 21st century workplace to surpass your goals, transform your territory, and establish an incredible legacy. For a truly transformational experience, book this entire Powerful Professional Series for your organization TODAY!

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Call & Commission

Learn what it means to be a powerful professional and what God requires of us in the workplace.

Spiritual Leadership

Based on Dr. Mercer's empirical research, learn what workplace spirituality is and what it requires of 21st century leaders. This workshop includes Dr. Mercer's 10 Principles of Powerful Leaders.

Spiritual Discourse

Learn how to build community around change and how to persuade the unpersuadable with spiritual, effective communication.


Learn how working in excellence professes the gospel without saying a word. This workshop includes Dr. Mercer's 7 Pillars of Excellence.

Leading Change

Learn how to evaluate, prioritize, and lead change in the workplace. This workshop includes Dr. Mercer's 8 Priorities for Change.

Customizable Series

  • Christian, Inter-Faith or Spiritual

  • Online or In-Person

  • Lecture or Seminar

  • Include Deliverables/Tangible Outcomes

  • Opportunity-Centered

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